2015 Riesling, Gutswein - Burgenwein

2015 Riesling, Gutswein


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Light, fine accompaniment to food, goes well with fish and white meat.
Fine acidity, embedded in a full-bodied mineral bouquet. Light notes of apricot.


Matured in the best locations:

Burgen’s Kirchberg

The gradient points southeast. The Kirchberg has a soft slate soil, is protected from the westerly winds by a strip of forest and thus enjoys sufficient humidity even in the driest years. It matures fruity vines with robust acidity and strong bouquet.

Burgen’s Hasenläufer

The hilly southwest-facing slopes receive sun from many different angles. The vineyard is the only one in Europe that is planted with vines on all sides. It is surrounded by a large valley – a meander of the Moselle – which was cut into the landscape 200,000 years ago. The soil consists mainly of Devonian slate with a high humus content and is ideal for the growth of the vines. Here, delicate, full-bodied vines with the typical Riesling bouquet are produced.

From the steep slope, dry

Bottle á 0,75l
7,5g residual sweetness
Contains sulphites
12% vol.

This product contains alcohol and must not be sold to persons under the legal minimum age. You confirm with your order that you are of the legally required minimum age. Please be responsible when handling this item. Further information is available at https://www.kenn-dein-limit.info/english.html.



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