2017 nuage rosé - Burgenwein

2017 nuage rosé


Includes 19% MwSt.
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nuage rosé [nɥaʒ roˈzeː]:

The pink clouds that bring summer into the house. Light scent of spring. Finally the cold days are over. The butterfly that glides through the air. The first flowers to sprout. A tribute to the beautiful weather. The selected grape variety St. Laurent with its scent of wild berries was perfectly grafted by Michael Acker who is responsible for all my vines.

2017 St. Laurent, rosé, 10g residual sweetness

Swing stopper bottle á 0,75l
Contains sulphites
11.5% vol.

This product contains alcohol and must not be sold to persons under the legal minimum age. You confirm with your order that you are of the legally required minimum age. Please be responsible when handling this item. Further information is available at https://www.kenn-dein-limit.info/english.html.



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