2018 Riesling, Juffer - Burgenwein

2018 Riesling, Juffer


Includes 19% MwSt.
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The first vintage in the Juffer: it was a completely new challenge, because steep is newly defined, we  have to look for the firm stand to be able to work. Due to the special location of the plot – with a slight south-facing inclination to the west – these grapes catch the last rays of sunshine every day. A Riesling full of character with appealing acidity and mineral tones, spoiled by the blazing sun in the steep slope and deliberately pronounced by the slate. The vine is completely fermented.


Matured in the best locations:

Burgen’s Juffer

The location begins near the Moselle and stretches in the upper part up to a narrow forest belt. A vineyard that produces filigree vines with fine acidity. From the top there is a magnificent view of the Moselle. Even for Napoleon, the name Juffer was already synonymous with the ultimate in vine enjoyment. The name goes back to the owners, 3 unmarried daughters, popularly called Juffern. Weathered Devonian slate / pure southern exposure / 60-70 % gradient / VDP classified location.

From the steep slope, dry

Bottle á 0,75l
1g residual sweetness
Contains sulphites
12% vol.

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