Alexander Häßler


Alexander Häßler

Love can take on many different forms. Parental love, partner love, friendship love. A few years ago I found my love for wine and fulfilled my life’s dream in 2015.

“Happy alone is the soul that loves”.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I feel this happiness every time I pass the town sign in Burgen, drive to the end of the road and turn right to Kirchberg. Every season of the year the vineyard shines in different colours. Green leaves sprout from arid undergrowth, revealing their fiery side in autumn, before igniting the ground as winter approaches.

Just as the colours on my vineyard change, so have some things changed since the first grape harvest in October 2015 too. After sunny, hazy weather capers with snow-covered grapes, I learned a lot, so that I can now look back on four high-yield harvests.

The initial love is just as intense – if not intensified – as before. I don’t want to miss a minute of work in my vineyards.

Good years

The first years are behind me. They were full of work, very multi-layered and successful: I enjoy my own Moselle wine!

As a Thuringian without decades of winemaking and family tradition, it is clear to me that my idea can only be realised with professional support. I found and still find the collegiality of individual winegrowers in the village.

But I would like to thank mainly two people who accompanied and supported me in the realization of my longing, who were patient interlocutors and the makers of my first wine as well as my sparkling wine:

Michael and Philipp Acker.

Moselle wine matured in the best locations

Burgen’s Hasenläufer

The hilly southwest-facing slopes receive sun from many different angles. The vineyard is the only one in Europe that is planted with vines on all sides. It is surrounded by a large valley – a meander of the Moselle – which was cut into the landscape 200,000 years ago. The soil consists mainly of Devonian slate with a high humus content and is ideal for the growth of my vines. Delicate, full-bodied wines with the typical Riesling bouquet are produced here.

Burgen’s Kirchberg

The gradient points southeast. The Kirchberg has a soft slate soil, is protected from the westerly winds by a strip of forest and thus enjoys sufficient humidity even in the driest years. It matures fruity wines with robust acidity and a strong bouquet.


The Römerberg can look back on a long wine tradition. My wines on the Römerberg have a fruity note with a robust acidity and a strong bouquet due to the southern slope as well as the mineral slate soil.

The Moselle wine region

The Moselle region is the oldest wine-growing region in Germany. Most wines grow here on steep slopes. The unique microclimate in the region produces very fine and unique wines. Mineral, fruity wines are the result of geological changes. The long ripening phase in the sun-drenched steep slopes brings out the optimum from the underground.

The Burgenweingut

The home of my winery is Burgen, a village with 600 inhabitants in an idyllic side valley of the Moselle, situated directly on the old course of the Moselle. Nestled between the three vineyard sites and the rising slopes of the Hunsrück, it offers ideal conditions for my viniculture. The Moselle wines which ripened in Burgen have a deep mineral structure and present themselves with playful filigree “body worlds”.

There are 3 different wine-growing sites here:

– Burgen’s Hasenläufer
– Burgen’s Kirchberg
– Römerberg

I cultivate vineyards in all three vineyards, of which I am very proud.

Burgenwein is made from selected wines that have ripened without exception on steep slopes in this region. Most of our vineyards are planted with Riesling. To round off the assortment, we also have small areas with Pinot Noir. Unique is the location at the Hasenläufer, the only mountain in Europe that is planted with wine on all sides.

I am particularly proud of the location in Brauneberger Juffer, which we have been cultivating since 2018. Due to the high mineral content and the good heat storage of the slate soil, my wine gets a unique taste.